Switch Between Windows Of The Same App

VistaSwitcher adds even more comfort to your everyday PC work by offering a feature that Mac users have already been enjoying for a looong time – namely, switching between open windows of the same application such as MS Word documents or Visual Studio projects.

Prior to VistaSwitcher, on Windows systems, there has never been an easy way to switch back and forth between open instances of a single application — well, except by using the awkward "Window" menu, which is only supported by a limited number of applications, anyway.

VistaSwitcher not only allows you to switch between open instances of a single application, but you can also switch between multiple windows created by an application, for example, Windows Explorer folders.

Instance Switcher

With VistaSwitcher, you can cycle through your open documents as easily as you do with your open applications. The only difference is the keyboard shortcut used. To switch between open instances of a single application, press Alt + ` (grave accent or backtick) shortcut. You'll see exactly the same convenient dialog with huge previews and a complete list of documents to the right of the pane.

VistaSwitcher - Instance Switcher

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It’s easy to remember if you note that the Backtick (`) is the key right above the Tab on a US-English keyboard layout. So, you don’t have to break your old motor habits trying to familiarize yourself with a new shortcut. In fact, it’s almost the same: Alt + Tab cycles through ALL open windows, while Alt + ` (Backtick) cycles through all of the open windows of a single application.

It takes exactly 30 seconds to remember this simple shortcut and another 30 seconds to love it. And, you’ll never forget the shortcut to this amazing feature once you’ve experienced its power.

International Keyboard Layouts

The default Alt + ` (Backtick) combination may vary depending on your system’s keyboard layout. If you have a non-English keyboard layout, note that VistaSwitcher always replaces Alt + [the key right above the Tab] for switching between windows of the same application. Please see the examples below.

Example 1 - Italian keyboard layout

Italian Keyboard Layout

Use Alt + \ (backslash) to switch between windows of a single application.

Example 2 - Swiss German keyboard layout

Swiss German Keyboard Layout

Use Alt + § (paragraph symbol, in law) to switch between windows of a single application.

Learn more: VistaSwitcher - Keyboard Shortcuts

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