Download Latest Versions

Here is the full list of our products with direct download links:

Product Version URL
WinSnap 5.3.6 Download
WinCam 2.2 Download
WindowSpace 2.6.3 Download
Hidden Start 4.9 Download
Sticky Previews 2.6 Download
Visual Subst 4.2 Download
Close All Windows 5.2 Download
Alt-Tab Terminator 5.6 Download

Freeware Utilities

Hotkey Screener 1.0 Download
WndFromPoint 2.0 Download
Bad Application 1.2 Download
TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11 Download
VistaSwitcher 1.1.5 Download

Most programs work on Windows 7 and above. Please visit product pages for more details.