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WindowSpace v2.5.9 – Support for Per-Monitor DPI

This maintenance release of WindowSpace fixes several issues with unusual multi-monitor configurations and taskbar placement. It also adds full support for Windows 8.1 per-monitor DPI settings.

WindowSpace v2.5.9 - About Box

Changelog for WindowSpace v2.5.9 (March 6, 2014):

Download WindowSpace (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 06-Mar-14 00:07

WinSnap v4.5.1 – Copy Button is Back as an Option

I’m happy to announce that WinSnap v4.5.1 is available for download. This version contains several UI enhancements and bug fixes as well. After releasing version 4.5 last week, I received a lot of emails about the removed Copy button. Now, Copy button is back as an option! You can show or hide it from the View menu:

View Menu - Copy Button Snapshot Pane - Copy Button

You can show or hide the Save button the same way (as in previous versions, double-click on the Snapshot pane saves the image):

Snapshot Pane - Hide Save Button

Or hide both buttons if you don’t need them:

Snapshot Pane - Hide All Buttons

The default font for Text objects is now set to “Segoe UI” on Windows Vista and above. Also, font name, size and style are now correctly restored after restart.

Text Object - Segoe UI

NOTE: WinSnap 4.5 is a free upgrade for all registered customers. If you experience any problems with activation, please send an email to support@ntwind.com with your registration information (name and email).

Changelog for WinSnap v4.5.1 (February 24, 2014):

Download WinSnap (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 24-Feb-14 02:21

WinSnap 4.5 – New Sexy UI, Presets, Pen Tool and More

After a long delay, the new version of WinSnap is ready to demonstrate you its all-new screen capture and image editing capabilities along with the classy and elegant interface. All of the new enhancements including presets and quick preferences, new drawing tools, improved support for the most recent Windows 8 Aero theme, various tweaks and fixes will facilitate your screen capture software experience further and beyond!

Get to Know the All-New WinSnap

Redesigned and updated user interface comes in 4 different styles (Black, Silver, Blue and System) and significantly improves the overall usability. Modernized editing and capture controls allow easier access to program options and tools, yet still keeping the UI simple and intuitive.

WinSnap 4.5 - Black Style

Now you can switch between native and custom shadow effects after capture. WinSnap automatically removes native Aero shadow and adds shadow effect of your choice (color, size, direction, opacity). Also WinSnap 4.5 introduces presets and quick preferences for shadow and other effects.

WinSnap 4.5 - Shadow Direction WinSnap 4.5 - Shadow Color

New "Pen" tool draws a smooth spline curve:

WinSnap 4.5 - Pen Tool

Please note that settings are reset to defaults if you install WinSnap 4.5 over a previous version. If you changed the default directory for your screenshots or other preferences, you have to do it again after installing this update.

Changelog for WinSnap v4.5.0 (February 17, 2014):

Download WinSnap (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 17-Feb-14 00:40

Sticky Previews v1.6 - Added Full Support for Windows 8

New version of Sticky Previews is available for download. It adds full support for Windows 8 and contains some minor performance improvements.

Sticky Previews - Windows 8 Support

Changelog for Sticky Previews v1.6:

Download Sticky Previews (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 05-Feb-13 02:59

WinSnap v4.0.5 - Updated User Interface and Icons

New version of WinSnap was released today. It contains updated drawing tool icons and several other UI improvements.

WinSnap - Drawing Tools

Changelog for WinSnap v4.0.5 (June 11, 2012):

Download WinSnap v4.0.5 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 11-Jun-12 12:39

WindowSpace v2.5.7 - Support for Windows 8 Release Preview

New version of WindowSpace is available for download now. It's a maintenance release which adds support for Windows 8 Release Preview:

WindowSpace on Windows 8 PC

Changelog for WindowSpace v2.5.7:

Download WindowSpace (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 02-Jun-12 02:17

VistaSwitcher v1.1.5 – Maintenance Release

New version of VistaSwitcher has been released today:

VistaSwitcher v1.1.5

Changelog for VistaSwitcher v1.1.5:

Download VistaSwitcher v1.1.5 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 12-May-12 12:03

WinSnap v4.0.4 - Copy with Transparency

It took too long to make this release, but it's finally available for download. Version 4.0.4 contains several improvements and stability enhancements. Here are the main changes:

Settings - Copy with transparency

Tool menu icons:

Custom Tools

Right-click menu:

Advanced File Menu

Support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

Windows 8 Screenshot

Changelog for WinSnap v4.0.4 (May 8, 2012):

Download WinSnap v4.0.4 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 08-May-12 13:19

WinSnap v4.0.3 - Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

This is mainly a bugfix release, changelog:

Download WinSnap v4.0.3 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 12-Feb-12 07:59

WinSnap 4.0 Released - The Big Update

The new major version of WinSnap is officially released and available for download. This is probably the most significant update since version 1.0. There are a lot of new features and UI enhancements, but I tried to keep it simple and elegant as first version.

WinSnap 4 - Main Window

Changelog for WinSnap v4.0.1 (January 24, 2012):

Changelog for WinSnap v4.0.2 (January 27, 2012):

Download WinSnap v4.0.2 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 26-Jan-12 13:30

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