Upload your Screenshots to Flickr Image Hosting Directly from WinSnap

The magic of WinSnap is so powerful that you can even use it to upload your screenshots to Flickr or ImageShack services in the hands-free mode! If you run a blog or write reviews and need to post dozens of pictures per day, you surely will appreciate this handy trick.

Flickr Uploadr

All you need is to make some initial configuration using the WinSnap Tools menu. Below is the step-by-step instruction for Flickr.

Step 1: Download and install Flickr Uploadr from the Flickr tools.

Flickr Uploadr - Download Page

Step 2: Run Flickr Uploadr once, sign in and upload one image to your Flickr account manually.

Flickr Uploadr - First Run

Link Flickr Uploadr to your Flickr account:

Flickr Uploadr - Authorize

Step 3: Now run WinSnap and select Tools | Customize… from the main menu.

WinSnap - Customize Dialog

Click New and fill in the data as shown below (note, the parameters may differ depending on your system configuration).

WinSnap - External Tool

Click the OK to add the “Upload to Flickr” command to the menu.

Customize Dialog - Upload to Flickr

Now, when you take a screenshot with WinSnap, you can automatically upload it to Flickr by clicking the “Upload to Flickr” command or pressing a predefined keyboard shortcut (Alt + 3, in this case).

WinSnap - Upload to Flickr

ImageShack configuration is quite the same, except that you will need an ImageShack uploader tool instead.

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