WinSnap v3.5.2 - Delayed Capture & Countdown Timer

Finally, after a long delay, I've released a new version of WinSnap. This release contains several new features that will allow you to take even better screenshots.

Improved Delayed Capture

I've totally reworked the delayed capture feature after receiving the users feedback on the previous version of WinSnap. There are 2 main improvements:

WinSnap Capture Settings

Here is how the countdown looks like:

WinSnap Countdown 4 WinSnap Countdown 3
WinSnap Countdown 2 WinSnap Countdown 1

Large Icon for Windows Vista/7

WinSnap now contains a 256x256 icon for better compatibility with Windows 7 and Vista:

WinSnap Large Icon

I don't even think that anyone uses the "large icon" view in Windows Explorer. From the practical side, 256x256 icons are used by the system to generate smaller icons in high DPI mode. Just compare the two screenshots below.

WinSnap High DPI Icon (old) WinSnap High DPI Icon (new)
Old versions in high DPI mode WinSnap v3.5.2 in high DPI mode

Capture Native Aero Shadows - Removed

This feature has been removed from version 3.x because it requires some significant changes in the UI. It should be introduced in WinSnap 4.0 by the end of this year. I'll share a detailed roadmap for WinSnap 4.0 soon!

Changelog for WinSnap v3.5.2:

Download WinSnap v3.5.2 (32-bit, 64-bit, portable)