What is new for Windows Vista?

It is well-known that premium editions of Windows Vista include a new redesigned UI, called Aero theme. The new Aero Glass looks very attractive with translucent window frames and shadows, but it also adds new difficulties that must be factored into any screen capture solutions.

Problem description

New translucent window borders and surfaces require completely different processing by screen capture software. But the most annoying aspect of this platform concerns the modal dialogs. Look at these screenshots:

Vista window corners problem Vista dialogs problem
1. Window corners are not transparent 2. Dialog borders are cropped off

Windows Vista includes a new screen capture utility called Snipping Tool, but it does not work correctly with Aero theme. Surprised? - No, it is Microsoft afterall...

Solution is here

Good news for you: WinSnap can handle all these issues caused by Aero theme. In addition to eye-candy drop shadow effect and image transparency (alpha-channel) support, it works very well.

Explorer on Vista with shadows

Now you can create professional looking screenshots with one mouse click!

A dialog on Vista captured with WinSnap Another dialog on Vista captured with WinSnap

Note: WinSnap can draw a drop shadow effect that is very similar to the new Windows Vista UI. There is no need to place certain windows over a white background and then crop a full screen image.

MS Word 2007 captured with WinSnap

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