Screenshots of WinSnap 3

When planning the latest major version of WinSnap we took on the challenge of making it as clutter free as possible. The result of our efforts is a new user interface, which is clean, simple, fast, extremely functional and user-friendly.

WinSnap 3 Main Window (click to enlarge)

WinSnap 3 - Main Window

Settings - General Page

WinSnap Settings - General Page

Settings - Capture Page

WinSnap Settings - Capture Page

Settings - Effects Page

WinSnap Settings - Effects Page

Settings - Watermark Page

WinSnap Settings - Watermark Page

Settings - Saving Page

WinSnap Settings - Saving Page

WinSnap Tray Menu

WinSnap Tray Menu - Capture Modes

WinSnap 3.0 features a streamlined, uncluttered interface that minimizes distraction and enables people to create better screenshots faster and easier.

Download WinSnap (32-bit, 64-bit, portable, U3)