WinSnap Guide Lines

WinSnap was originally designed to take screenshots of non-rectangular windows, such as windows with XP visual styles, skinned media players, etc. Now it is more advanced with professional smoothing shadows, coloring effects, canvas transformations, and automatic saving of images in various formats and more.

WinSnap can help you to easily make small thumbnail previews and full-sized screenshots for your weblog and homepage, visualize technical and educational materials, and send reduced-size images via e-mail. (See examples)

WinSnap automates all manual work and handles technical issues that were previously only possible with Photoshop or other image editors. Using WinSnap you can perform professional screenshots immediately with just one click!

Main Features

System Requirements

WinSnap was developed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and newer operating systems. All older versions of Windows are not supported!

If you are running Windows 2000, you need GDI+ installed to use WinSnap. GDI+ is included in Windows XP and most Microsoft products (such as MS Office). You can download GDI+ from Microsoft Download Center.