Transparency (Alpha-Channel)

In computer graphics, alpha channel represents transparency information of an image on a per-pixel basis. A value of 100% in the alpha channel gives a fully solid pixel and 0% provides full transparency. By selecting values of between 0% and 100%, pixels can be shown through the background (similar to glass), and therefore retain their anti-aliasing no matter the background.

The alpha channel is supported by PNG and TIFF image formats. Using WinSnap v2.0 you can easily create these semi-transparent images.

What is the advantage, really?

This is one PNG image with alpha transparency placed on 2 different backgrounds:

Vista window corners problem
Light background
Vista Dialog problem
Dark background

And this image has been taken with WinSnap, and requires no post-processing. All that is required is to take instant screenshots using WinSnap and save high-quality images with alpha-channel.

This is very useful for multi-color web pages, when using a dynamic CMS, or publishing on a forum. Your screenshots will always look great!

Image compositing

Semi-transparent shadows look nice, but even more is possible with an image editor:

Easy image compositing with shadows

There are 2 different windows captured with WinSnap: open them with any image editor that supports PNG transparency and easily combine them into one image.

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