WindowSpace Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to Snap-To-Side and moving/resizing shortcuts, WindowSpace gives you extra actions to manage multiple windows with the keyboard.

Window Shortcuts

The new window shortcuts are very easy to use. When you, for example, want to minimize a window to the tray, you simply press Win + F2. The application will jump to the system tray and sit there until you bring it up with another hotkey press.

Below is the full list of keyboard shortcuts to control the active window:

Action Default Shortcut
Minimize window Alt + F2
Maximize/restore window Alt + F3
Maximize window vertically Alt + F5
Maximize window horizontally Alt + F6
Toggle “Always on top” Win + A
Hide window Win + Q
Minimize to tray Win + F2
Unhide/Restore from tray Win + F3

Once WindowSpace is installed, you can use these keyboard shortcuts in addition to the standard Alt + F4 (close window) and Alt + Space (display the window menu).

Desktop Shortcuts

By default, there is only one standard Windows hotkey to manage all desktop windows – Win+D, which minimizes all windows to the taskbar and shows the desktop. WindowSpace offers the following keyboard shortcuts to manage all windows:

Action Default Shortcut
Cascade windows Win + C
Tile windows vertically Win + V
Tile windows horizontally Win + H
Close all windows Win + Ctrl + Alt + F4

These shortcuts work in much the same way as Win+D. For example, when you hit Win+C, the first key press arranges all open windows in a cascade; the second press on the same hotkey restores the initial arrangement of windows.

The new options can, for example, help you to find a window quickly. Just cascade all windows, find the window you need, click its title bar to make it active and then press the key combination again to restore the initial arrangement of windows. The active window will stay on top of the others.

Another example is when you tile windows vertically or horizontally to compare their content and then bring them back to their initial positions on the desktop.

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts can be easily customized in the WindowSpace Settings dialog. To assign a new key combination, click on the corresponding hotkey button, and you’ll see a dialog like the one below:

Edit Hotkey

Select the key combination you wish to use and click OK. As an alternative, you can use the edit box to press the desired key combination:

Edit Hotkey (alternate method)

To clear the hotkey, select "None" from the combo box or press Ctrl in the edit box.

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