How to Register Visual Subst

In order to unlock the full-featured version of Visual Subst, you must have a serial number provided by NTWind Software. The serial number can be purchased online at this website, go to the order page for more information.

Enter Licensing Information

Once you have a serial number, you can proceed to the software registration. Follow the steps below to register your copy of Visual Subst.


Alternatively, you can find "Enter License Key" command in the Help menu:

Visual Subst - Help Menu Enter License Key

Enter your registration name and serial number in this dialog and click OK.

Windows Vista and above

Visual Subst prompts for administrative privileges to save the licensing information for all users in the system. If you click Cancel in the UAC confirmation dialog, Visual Subst will be registered for the current user only.

Wikipedia - User Account Control (UAC)

Thank you for registering Visual Subst!

Now you can start working with a fully functional version of Visual Subst.

Lost your product key?

If you have lost your product key, contact us. Remember to provide some information about you and your purchase (order#, email, name, company, approx. date, etc).

We will gladly re-send you the licensing information at no charge.