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Hidden Start v4.3 - Install/Uninstall and more

New version of Hidden Start was released today. Now it comes with a handy setup program, provides an improved GUI tool, supports Windows 10 and more.

Hstart Setup

Hstart GUI Tool:

Hstart Setup

Changelog for Hidden Start v4.3:

Download Hidden Start (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 12-Feb-17 12:53

Hidden Start v4.1 - Support For Long Commands

New version of Hidden Start was released today. Now Hstart can process long command lines with more that 2,048 characters - there is no limit.

Hstart GUI Tool

Changelog for Hidden Start v4.1:

Download Hidden Start (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 30-Nov-11 13:03

Hidden Start v4.0 – Run Apps without UAC Prompt

The new major version of Hidden Start was released this week. The most noticeable update is Hstart GUI Tool – HstartUI.exe which is a part of the distribution package now.

Hstart GUI Tool

Hstart GUI Tool would help you to build complex command lines and test them immediately. It can quickly create a shortcut on the desktop or an autostart entry in the Windows registry.

Run Applications without UAC Prompt

The second big improvement is /NOUAC switch that allows you to run applications or batch files with administrative privileges without any UAC prompts. Here is a simple example:

hstart.exe /NOUAC regedit.exe

Of course, it can be used with other options:

hstart.exe /NOUAC /NOCONSOLE "D:\Batch Files\Riquires_Admin_Rights.bat"

The following command opens Local Group Policy Editor:

hstart.exe /NOUAC /SHELL gpedit.msc

And here is how to open Windows Hosts file for editing:

hstart.exe /NOUAC "notepad.exe "%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts""

Environment Variables

As you can see from the previous example, Hstart now expands environment variables in the executed command lines. This may help you to make more system independent commands:

hstart.exe /NOCONSOLE /WAIT /D="%TEMP%"
     "cmd.exe /c "D:\test.bat > test-output.txt""
     ""%ProgramFiles%\EmEditor\emeditor.exe" test-output.txt"

Other Improvements

The new Hstart uses a more efficient parsing algorithm to process complex command lines. The entire program code has been rewritten to make Hstart faster and bug free.

Download Hidden Start (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 25-Aug-11 04:21

Hidden Start v3.2 - Delay Before Executing Command

The new version of Hidden Start allows you to set the startup delay (in seconds) before executing a batch file, command or sequence of commands.

Hidden Start v3.2

You could use it as follows:

hstart.exe /DELAY=5 /NOCONSOLE "D:\Batch Files\test.bat"

Download Hidden Start (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 07-Jul-10 08:01

Hidden Start 3.1 - Windows 7 Compatibility

This minor update to Hstart adds support of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system:

Hidden Start - Windows 7 Compatibility

Hstart can start non-elevated applications from elevated and handle UAC prompts on Windows 7 as well as on Windows Vista.

Download Hstart 3.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 06-Oct-09 07:20

Hidden Start 3.0 - Start Non-Elevated Apps From Elevated

On Windows Vista, programs started from an elevated application or script would also run in elevated mode with full administrative rights. Hstart 3.0 gives an easy and native way to start a non-elevated program from the command line or a batch file, even if the command line proces is elevated. (see examples and learn more)

Hidden Start - 64-Bit Edition

Installers that always run with full administrative rights on Vista computers can benefit from using Hstart with the /NONELEVATED switch and run other programs or scripts with the rights of the currently logged on user.

Hstart is very small (~40 Kb), but it allows you to:

Download Hstart 3.0 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 24-Jul-09 21:46

Hstart 64-Bit Edition (AMD64/EM64T)

Hstart 64-Bit Edition has been released yesterday. You may want to use native x64 executables because they work a bit faster on x64 platform and use x64 environment variables by default. See x64\ReadMe.txt for more information:

Download - hstart.zip (23 KB)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 06-May-08 09:49

Hidden Start v2.1 released

Hstart displays now a simple error message if the parameter is unknown or mistyped. Also I have added the /SILENT command line switch (silent mode: no error messages will be displayed).

Hidden Start - Help

Here are a few real-world examples of using Hstart:

Hstart executable, readme and examples:

Download - hstart.zip (14 KB)

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 17-Apr-08 15:53

Hidden Start v2.0 released

Hstart v2.0 has been released today. The new major version contains a number of innovative features that enable even easier working methods.

Hidden Start - Test Mode Hidden Start - Success Message Hidden Start - Run Dialog Hidden Start - UAC Confirmation Dialog

For more information, please read:

Here are a few real-world examples of using Hstart:

More examples coming soon... Please visit our support forums to report any bugs and suggest new features.

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 14-Mar-08 04:55

Hstart v1.1 released

Hstart is a little utility which allows you to run console applications and batch files without any windows. There is an updated version of Hstart with new /WAIT and /HELP flags.

Hidden Start Help

When using this /WAIT flag with multiple command lines (e.g. hstart /WAIT "command1" "command2"), Hstart starts command1 and command2 continuously and returns an unsuccessful code (non-NULL) if one of these processes return it.

Discussion at: http://www.ntwind.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=129

Posted by Alexander Avdonin on 01-Feb-07 14:25

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