How to Register Alt-Tab Terminator

In order to unlock the full-featured version of Alt-Tab Terminator, you must have a serial number provided by NTWind Software. The serial number can be purchased online at this website, go to the order page for more information.

Enter Licensing Information

Once you have a serial number, you can proceed to the software registration. Follow the steps below to register your copy of Alt-Tab Terminator.

Alt-Tab Terminator - Purchase Dialog

Alternatively, you can open the Main menu or Settings dialog:

Alt-Tab Terminator - Main Menu Alt-Tab Terminator - Enter License Key

Enter your registration name and serial number and click OK.

User Account Control

Alt-Tab Terminator prompts for administrative privileges to save the licensing information for all users in the system. If you click Cancel in the UAC confirmation dialog, Alt-Tab Terminator will be registered for the current user only.

Wikipedia - User Account Control (UAC)

Thank you for registering Alt-Tab Terminator!

Now you can start working with a fully functional version of the software.

Lost your product key?

If you have lost your product key, contact us. Remember to provide some information about you and your purchase (order#, email, name, company, approx. date, etc).

We will gladly re-send you the licensing information at no charge.