WinSnap 64-Bit Installer and more - version 2.1.4 released

The installer program for x64 platform is available for download now. This allows you to install and update 64-bit versions of WinSnap as simple as 32-bit. If you have already installed any old 32-bit version of WinSnap on x64 OS, the new 64-bit installer will ask you to uninstall it:

Uninstall 32-Bit version

You may want to use native x64 executables because they work 10-15% faster on x64 machines and do not require registry and file system redirection. In Windows Task Manager, 32-bit executables are marked with an asterisk *32:

WinSnap on Windows Vista 64-Bit Edition

WinSnap 64-Bit Edition can be installed only on 64-bit versions of Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista (64-bit versions of Windows Vista are available for all editions of Windows Vista except Starter). Also it must be compatible with x64-based versions of Windows Server 2003.

WinSnap v2.1.4 contains several improvements on the Object capture mode. It allows now to select the window client area without scrollbars and borders.

Full changelog, version 2.1.4:

Quick download links: