WinSnap v5.2 - Old Black Theme and Colorful Icons

Since version 5.0 release, I had a feeling that the new UI is a little bit inconsistent and in a way not as good as the old one. So I decided to bring the old Black theme and colorful icons back to WinSnap. Now there is the following mix of old and new interface styles:

WinSnap v5.2 - Themes Menu

Black theme (default for versions 4.x and new installs of 5.2):

WinSnap v5.2 - Black Theme

Silver theme:

WinSnap v5.2 - Silver Theme

Light theme (default for versions 5.0.x and 5.1.x):

WinSnap v5.2 - Light Theme

Dark theme:

WinSnap v5.2 - Dark Theme

System theme:

WinSnap v5.2 - System Theme

Auto-Save and Auto-Copy icons look like tiny switches now:

WinSnap v5.2 - Auto-Save Icon

I hope you like the old-new themes of WinSnap!

Changelog for WinSnap v5.2.0 (January 27, 2020):

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