WinSnap v3.5 Beta 1 - Options Toolbar & Delayed Capture

The main new feature of WinSnap 3.5 should be the ability to capture native Aero shadows and transparencies. I have almost implemented this feature, but I need more time to test it before releasing to the public (it affects many of the core algorithms).

The first Beta doesn't include the ability to capture native Aero shadows, but there are a number of other features you may want to check out.

New Options Toolbar

Now you can quickly enable/disable the capture preferences: "Include mouse cursor", "Clear window background on Vista/7" and other.

WinSnap v3.5 - Options Toolbar

Delayed Capture

You may want to enable a 5-second delay before taking snapshots of applications with pulldown menus (for example).

WinSnap v3.5 - Delayed Capture

Here is a quick example (taken using the Application capture mode):

Calculator - About Menu

Popup Menus Of QT Applications

Here is a popup menu of VLC Media Player captured with WinSnap v3.5:

VLC Popup Menu

Updated Settings Dialog

WinSnap Settings - Capture Page

Trial Reminder Dialog

WinSnap v3.5 - Trial Reminder

In The Next Beta

Message Box - Capture Native Shadows

Coming soon to Windows 7 PC's... ;)

Changelog for WinSnap v3.5.1 Beta:

Download WinSnap v3.5.1 (32-bit, 64-bit, portable)