WinSnap v3.1.5 - Recommended Update

This is the first release of WinSnap in 2010. It supposedly addresses many issues of the previous versions, so I highly recommend to upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

New Translations - 32 Languages Now!

I'm very proud to let you know that WinSnap is translated into more than 32 world languages now. This version adds support for Armenian, Estonian, Persian and Vietnamese languages out of the box.

WinSnap - 32 World Languages

High DPI Mode - Fixes and Improvements

Before (old versions):

WinSnap Menu in High DPI - Old Version

After (version 3.1.5):

WinSnap Menu in High DPI WinSnap Menu in High DPI

Plus, there were a few issues with the settings dialogs - they are also fixed.

Print Images - Landscape Mode

Finally, WinSnap remembers the Page Orientation settings:

WinSnap - Page Setup: Landscape

Bug report on the forum →

Automatic File Names - Reserved Characters

WinSnap now removes reserved characters (< > : " / \ | ? *) from filenames when using %TITLE% and %CLASS% variables. For example, the title below will be translated into "jawa.exe_4004 Properties.png":

Window Title With Illegal Characters

Bug report on the forum →

Region Selection & Multiple Monitors

I have greatly improved the performance of the Region selection mode for multi-monitor systems - especially for 3 or more monitors.

Bug report on the forum →

Changelog for WinSnap v3.1.5:

Download WinSnap v3.1.5 (32-bit, 64-bit, portable)