WinSnap v2.0 Ultimate

Well, three weeks of hard development and it is going to be released. Of course, I have not implemented all features I wanted from the beginning. But there are really major improvements in this version.

WinSnap v2.0 Ultimate is the first release with full Windows Vista support. It was especially designed to capture the new Aero theme and can handle all possible issues with rounded corners and shadows.

Explorer on Vista with shadows

WinSnap can draw a drop shadow effect which is very similar to the new Windows Vista UI. There is no need to place certain windows over a white background and then crop a fullscreen image.

I have rewritten all image processing algorithms to provide full alpha-channel support. Now you can save your screenshots as transparent PNG or TIFF. It allows really easy image compositing, and it is very useful when placing your screenshots on multi-colour backgrounds.

The third "big feature" is the Multi-Object capture mode which allows you to select multiple windows (and controls) on the screen and easy combine them into one screenshot image. Use Ctrl + left-click or mouse middle-click to do it.

WinSnap v2.0 contains a configurable External Tools menu, Fixed-Size Region capture mode, and many other small improvements and core optimization.

You may find some tutorials and examples of usage here:

WinSnap v2.0 makes screenshots even better!