WindowSpace v2.5.1 Beta - Improved Snap-To-Side

This beta is the first version 2.5.x release of WindowSpace. It introduces a better support for Windows 7 and several major improvements on Snap-To-Side feature.

Seamless Integration with Windows 7

If Snap-To-Side feature is enabled, WindowSpace now turns off the built-in Windows 7's Aero Snap feature with no actions required from the user. You can check it by the following steps:

Windows 7 - Turn Off Aero Snap Windows 7 - Window Arrangement Settings

Improved Snap-To-Side

There are 2 major enhancements on the Snap-To-Side feature:

WindowSpace - Snap-To-Side Settings

Other Minor Improvements

I've changed some default settings, polished UI and option names. Also there is a new trial reminder dialog and some other minor improvements I didn't mention.

WindowSpace - Trial Reminder

Changelog for WindowSpace v2.5.1 Beta:

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