New NTWind Product - Sticky Previews

I'm very proud to annouce the first release of my new enhancement utility for Windows 7 which I called "Sticky Previews". Here are its logo and a short description:

Sticky Previews - Logo

Sticky Previews is a lightweight productivity tool that lets you create live previews of any window or a screen region of your choice. It keeps previews above all other applications like a sticky-note thus allowing you to monitor any background window in real time no matter which application you’re working with.

In its behavior Sticky Previews is very similar to picture-in-picture TV technology, but for desktop applications.

Personally, I use it mainly to watch YouTube videos in the background when I'm doing everyday things.

Sticky Previews - YouTube

You can quickly make the active preview larger or smaller just by using the mouse wheel or Plus/Minus keyboard shortcuts.

Sticky Previews - Zoom In / Zoom Out

The small yet convenient trick here is to not close the preview window when the video stops playing. Instead, double-click it to open the parent application (a browser in this case) and run another video - it will play in the same preview window.

I would love to give it away, but I do have bills to pay. So, it is priced at $9.95 per user.

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