Hidden Start v4.0 – Run Apps without UAC Prompt

The new major version of Hidden Start was released this week. The most noticeable update is Hstart GUI Tool – HstartUI.exe which is a part of the distribution package now.

Hstart GUI Tool

Hstart GUI Tool would help you to build complex command lines and test them immediately. It can quickly create a shortcut on the desktop or an autostart entry in the Windows registry.

Run Applications without UAC Prompt

The second big improvement is /NOUAC switch that allows you to run applications or batch files with administrative privileges without any UAC prompts. Here is a simple example:

hstart.exe /NOUAC regedit.exe

Of course, it can be used with other options:

hstart.exe /NOUAC /NOCONSOLE "D:\Batch Files\Riquires_Admin_Rights.bat"

The following command opens Local Group Policy Editor:

hstart.exe /NOUAC /SHELL gpedit.msc

And here is how to open Windows Hosts file for editing:

hstart.exe /NOUAC "notepad.exe "%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts""

Environment Variables

As you can see from the previous example, Hstart now expands environment variables in the executed command lines. This may help you to make more system independent commands:

hstart.exe /NOCONSOLE /WAIT /D="%TEMP%"
     "cmd.exe /c "D:\test.bat > test-output.txt""
     ""%ProgramFiles%\EmEditor\emeditor.exe" test-output.txt"

Other Improvements

The new Hstart uses a more efficient parsing algorithm to process complex command lines. The entire program code has been rewritten to make Hstart faster and bug free.

Download Hidden Start (32-bit and 64-bit)