TaskSwitchXP FAQ

Q: Just wondering why Windows XP is required? I'm looking for such an utility for Windows 2000.
A: TaskSwitchXP requires features present only in the newest Windows XP/2003 operating systems. Windows 9x/NT/2000 doesn't support the window preview feature (for more information see PrintWindow API in the PlatformSDK documentation). I'm planning a Lite Edition without previews for Win2k. Sign up to my newsletter to be informed of updates.
Q: Program doesn't react to ALT-TAB combination at all.
A: Maybe another taskswitch-application is running. Maybe one of these programs is installed on your computer: Microsoft PowerToy TaskSwitcher, AltSwitch, Expire, etc. Also it may be a hotkey manager if it uses Alt+Tab or Alt+Shift+Tab key combinations. If not, try to enable option "Use low-level keyboard hook to replace Alt-Tab" on the Hotkeys page.
Q: What is error message "Could not register hotkey... <parameters>"?
A: Maybe another application has already registered this key combination! Try to disable guilty application, or reassign/remove this combination for TaskSwitchXP on the Hotkeys page.
Q: TaskSwitchXP v2.0 seems much slower than v1.0.27! What accounts for this?
A: It's true, TaskSwitchXP 2.0 uses more heavy algorithms. But you can reconfigure TaskSwitchXP 2.0! There are a few options that have the highest influence on TaskSwitchXP speed:
  1. Disable option "Include Windows Taskbar to preview image" or use the "Window" preview mode (Preview page).
  2. Disable all additional appearance effects: shadow, transparency, fade in/out (Appearance page).
  3. Disable Visual styles for TaskSwitchXP (option "Force use TaskSwitchXP Classic style" on the Appearance page).
  4. Also you can remove caption and info panes (Advanced page).
Q: How can I hasten window snapshot appearance?
A: At first launching TaskSwitchXP sets the preview generation delay depending on the system keyboard repeat delay (Control Panel -> Keyboard, Repeat Delay). It may vary from 50 to 200 milliseconds. Afterwards you can change it manually on the Preview page!
EDIT: Since version 2.08, the initial value of the preview generation delay does not depend on the system keyboard repeat delay! TaskSwitchXP 2.08 generates previews in a separate thread.
Q: On the preview of minimized windows only the window bar is visible. How about displaying the last full-sized preview?
A: If it is done, TaskSwitchXP will work not so fast and can corrupt the everyday work of your system. Do you really want it? Look at TaskSwitchXP forums and feature requests for more information.
Q: I am running a multi-monitor setup and there are no preview images for programs running on the second monitor. Is this a limitation of the current version or a bug appearing in my system constellation?
A: It's not a bug! Currently you must enable the "Window" preview mode. Currently TaskSwitchXP shows previews for all windows on the whole virtual screen only in the "Window" mode. There are some small troubles with different screen resolutions and with some apps which place their windows abroad visible screen. Maybe I'll fix this afterwards.
Q: TaskSwitchXP doesn't capture <application name> window (show black screen)! What's the stuff?
A: Sorry, I can't help you. It's a bug of PrintWindow API, i.e. it's Microsoft bug (for more information see PrintWindow API in the PlatformSDK documentation). This mistake was marked with some Java-applications (JBuilder, Java Web Start, etc) and some other.
Q: I'm very interested in your products. I think it'll be a good idea to publish TaskSwitchXP on a software CD.
A: Of course, you can. But if you will change the original TaskSwitchXP distribution you must reproduce my copyright notice and all materials provided with my distribution (readme, license, history). See the License.txt file for more information.
Q: TaskSwitchXP is really a good tiny tool, so would you mind I localize it to my native language?
A: TaskSwitchXP 2.0 supports multilingual user interface (*.LNG files). Read my instructions in TaskSwitchXP\lang\_Translation.txt. Then you can submit your translation at TaskSwitchXP forum. Let's go!
Q: I like your program, it uses MFC? I want to write something like that on Visual Basic. Can you help me?
A: I don't teach programming. I hate MFC: WinAPI rulezzz! VB and Delphi are not good programming languages for such tools, IMHO!!!

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VistaSwitcher is a reincarnation of TaskSwitchXP, the key new features include:
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