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The latest version 2.0.11 was released on August 8, 2006 (change log).

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The primary download contains a setup program with MUI and offline documentation. However you may download provided binaries package and extract them manually. TaskSwitchXP does not require installation instead of creating shortcuts.

TaskSwitchXP Is Outdated. Get A Better Alt-Tab Here →

VistaSwitcher is a reincarnation of TaskSwitchXP, the key new features include:
  - Outstanding UI, semi-transparent backgrounds and antialiased fonts
  - Live window and desktop previews under Windows Vista and 7
  - Despite the name, it works on Windows XP too ;))

Third-party Packages

The only one third-party software I would like to mention here is XPize. Its author (XPero) did really a great work for improving look-n-feel of Windows XP.

"XPize is an user friendly GUI enhancer that replaces most of the non-XP icons, animations and bitmaps that Microsoft has always overlooked with their XP counterparts." Learn more →

XPize resource pack

NOTE: We (I and XPero) work on our products separately, so there is no warranty that XPize contain the latest version of TaskSwitchXP. Please check the version info and release notes!

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