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Screenshots of VistaSwitcher

We know that creating great software means making it intuitive and easy to use. The main advantage of VistaSwitcher is the brand new Alt-Tab switching window, which is clean, simple and elegant.

Brand New Alt-Tab Switcher

Despite the name, VistaSwitcher works well with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It looks pretty good in high resolutions (1920x1200 and more) and on widescreen monitors:

VistaSwitcher - New Alt-Tab Switcher

(click here for a larger screenshot)

Option "Show task numbers" is on, while previews are disabled:

VistaSwitcher - No Preview

New application icon:

VistaSwitcher - Preferences Icon

VistaSwitcher tray icon:

VistaSwitcher - Tray Icon

Welcome message:

VistaSwitcher - Welcome Message

VistaSwitcher Preferences

There are a lot of options you can configure, and they’re all clean and simple.

General Tab

VistaSwitcher Preferences - General Tab

Appearance Tab

VistaSwitcher Preferences - Appearance Tab

Exclusion Dialog

VistaSwitcher Preferences - New Exclusion

It's GOOD. It's FREE. And, it matters. Try it – you'll love it!

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