VistaSwitcher - Alt-Tab For Multiple Monitors

Given all we’ve shared with you, you won’t be surprised to learn that Window’s default Alt-Tab dialog has another glaring disadvantage. Have you ever tried to press the Alt-Tab on a dual monitor system? Yeah, that is exactly what we’re talking about. The default dialog always appears on your main monitor. You don’t even have a choice!

With VistaSwitcher, the choice is always yours. VistaSwitcher shows the task switch dialog on the active monitor – the one you’re working with now. The software uses a smart algorithm to determine which of your monitors is currently active – either by the mouse cursor position, or by the active window caption.

If you’re missing the old Alt-Tab behavior, or you merely want to associate the dialog with a particular monitor, you can also do that with a simple Preferences tweak.

VistaSwitcher - Multi Monitor Settings

Even if this was the only dual monitor feature, it would be great. But, VistaSwitcher offers one more awesome trick! You can switch between applications only on your active monitor and filter out the applications shown on other monitors. Use Ctrl+Alt+Tab instead of the usual Alt-Tab, and VistaSwitcher automatically determines application windows on your active monitor and filters the dialog off the other app’s windows.

Now, you can switch between windows on the current monitor only. Again, use the Ctrl+Alt+Tab shortcut to limit the task list to the applications running on your active monitor. What’s more, VistaSwitcher supports virtual desktops, too!

This trick is a “must have” for any dual-monitor system user – whether you’re a designer or a programmer. If you now love this feature so much that you want it to be a default behavior for the Alt-Tab – no problem! You can configure VistaSwitcher that way in 2 seconds. Open the VistaSwitcher Preferences dialog, select the Behavior tab, enable "Show tasks from the active monitor only" and click OK. It’s that easy!

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