TaskSwitchXP Shortcuts

System-wide Hotkeys

Switch to the next/previous task.
Switch to the next/previous instance of the foreground application.
Win+F12 Show the list all open applications windows ("sticky" mode).
Win+F11 Show the instances list of the foreground application ("sticky" mode).
Win+Ctrl+Alt+C Run TaskSwitchXP Configuration tool.
Win+Ctrl+Alt+H Show/Hide the TaskSwitchXP System Tray icon.
Win+Ctrl+Alt+X Exit TaskSwitchXP.

Task List Navigation

Home, End
Page Up/Down
Arrow Keys
Task list navigation.
1, 2, ..., 9, 0 Select task number 1, ..., 9, 10
Insert, S Mark current item as multiple selected and go next.
Backspace, D Unmark current item if it was marked as multiple selected and go back.
Shift + Arrow Keys Mark current item as multiple selected and navigate the list.
A Mark all items to perform a mass action.
Shift+A Unmark all items.
Mark/Unmark all instances of the selected application.
Delete Remove selected task(s) from the list.

Task Management

Space, Enter Switch to the selected task.
F2, M Minimize selected task(s).
F3, N Minimize selected task(s) to the System Tray.
C Cascade selected tasks on the Desktop.
V Tile vertically selected tasks on the Desktop.
H Tile horizontally selected tasks on the Desktop.
F6, < Restore selected task(s).
F7, > Maximize selected task(s).
F4, X
Close selected task(s).
F8, T Terminate selected task(s).


F1, I Show/Hide advanced process information.
F5, R Update task preview.
F9, - Sort the task list by title.
F10, + Sort the task list by application (groups on the taskbar).
E Explore .EXE path of the selected task.
App (or Menu) Show context menu for selected task(s).

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