TaskSwitchXP Guide Lines

TaskSwitchXP is both user-friendly and easy-to-use, it looks familiar to most of Windows users. The unique capabilities of TaskSwitchXP make it useful for tracking down multitudinous windows, and provide insight into the way Windows and applications work.

Main Features

System requirements

TaskSwitchXP requires features present only in Windows XP/2003 operating systems. All older versions of Windows are not supported! Please see TaskSwitchXP's FAQ and forums for more information.

TaskSwitchXP does NOT support Windows Vista and 7, use VistaSwitcher on the new OS.

TaskSwitchXP Is Outdated. Get A Better Alt-Tab Here →

VistaSwitcher is a reincarnation of TaskSwitchXP, the key new features include:
  - Outstanding UI, semi-transparent backgrounds and antialiased fonts
  - Live window and desktop previews under Windows Vista and 7
  - Despite the name, it works on Windows XP too ;))

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