Customizing TaskSwitchXP

TaskSwitchXP is made to work the way you want! TaskSwitchXP is provided with a handy configuration tool. Almost all program settings are customizable. You can simply store numerous program preferences to a configuration file and quickly restore defaults.

By default, all settings are stored separately for each user in the system. There is need to give all users full access to program preferences. But administrators can easily change this behaviour on the General page.

Interface Languages

To switch the interface language, click on the drop-down menu by the Language box, select the new language from the list and click the Apply button. If your language is not listen, check latest translations at TaskSwitchXP forum. You can also make your own translation for other users! TaskSwitchXP uses external language files (for more information see my instructions at TaskSwitchXP\lang\ subfolder).

Interface Customization

TaskSwitchXP supports a few built-in interface schemes. TaskSwitchXP dynamically adapts to the selected Windows XP theme, provides customizable font and color settings for each user in the system. You can also choose preview and list styles, appearance effects, opacity level of the switcher window and more. You can make your everyday environment to look whichever you want!

Alt-Tab Hooking

By default, TaskSwitchXP uses standard Windows services to replace Alt-Tab. This method is very simple! But it does not work if another application already uses it (e.g. hotkey managers, other switchers, some 3D games). To avoid this problem, you can use option "Enable low-level keyboard hook to replace Alt-Tab". If it is enabled, TaskSwitchXP continually filters system keyboard input events and monitors wanted keystrokes independently of standard services. In most cases it is a troubleshooting option!

Using Exclusions

TaskSwitchXP allows you to select tasks which will not be displayed in the Alt-Tab list or on preview. This is useful if you want TaskSwitchXP to ignore certain windows or applications. Also, some programs use non-standard ways to paint itself. As a result TaskSwitchXP can not take exact snapshots of these programs. To avoid this problem, you can assign a exclusion rule.

There are three sufficient rules:

To add an exlusion rule to TaskSwitchXP:

  1. Run task which you want to exclude.
  2. Open the TaskSwitchXP configuration tool and activate the Exclusions page.
  3. Press the New button, Exclusion dialog is now displayed.
  4. Select a window from the applications tree, and assign exclusion requisites.
  5. Press OK in the Exclusion dialog, apply changes and check your TaskSwitchXP rule now!

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